Whiskey Valley Jerky Shoppe

Whiskey Valley Jerky Shoppe

The Jerky Shoppe was opened in 1999 by Jim Melton

The Jerky Shoppe is the crown jewel of The Dayton Market.  We pride ourselves on making only the finest quality beef strips, using only the highest quality lean top round beef.  We do not manufacture with machines and we never dabble in preservatives.  All natural, always delicious.

Visit The Jerky Shoppe for all of your in-house production needs as well.  We only stock the freshest herbs and spices, and our marinades will have you coming back for more.  These reasons and more are why The Jerky Shoppe is certified with the "Virginia's Finest" Program ensuring that our beef strips meet and exceed the highest quality standards.

And if you don't live in Virginia, we're not going to hold that against you - remember that WE SHIP!

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Whiskey Valley Jerky ShoppeWhiskey Valley Jerky Shoppe

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