Hanks at the Dayton Market

It all began with a big dream – and a single match.

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Hanks at the Dayton Market

In 1988 Hanks’ Smokehouse Southern Grillery was only a dream to Henry “Hank” Clay Clark. Opening a tiny walk up barbecue shack on a small side street North of downtown Harrisonburg in 1988, Clark learned the barbecue trade. Every morning around 6:00 am Clark would throw a single match on a pile of charcoal and hickory. He would sell only three items – pork BBQ, sliced beef BBQ and BBQ chicken halves, and concentrated on doing these three perfectly. As word grew, so did his business.

Now, he and his partner Stacy Rose own two locations and a growing catering business. Hank’s at Dayton offers the same “REAL DEAL” barbecue as is offered at Hank’s Smokehouse in McGaheysville, Va. By “REAL DEAL” we mean true, authentic barbecue-our fuel is wood and only wood-no electric, no gas, just pure hickory. But not only do we offer pulled pork barbecue, sliced Texas style beef brisket and barbecue chicken halves, but we also offer freshly made cold sandwiches and salads, homemade soups, and made from scratch breads.

Come visit us for lunch or dinner or grab something to go.

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